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CWS Rudrapur Grade 6 (2nd Lang. Hindi) (3rd Lang. French)

Grade 6 (2nd Lang. Hindi) (3rd Lang. French) Book Set Details
Size Guide
EnglishNew Celebrations Bk 6
EnglishNew Mastering Grammar Bk 6
GroomingGrooming Book Part 6, A & B
MathsMaths text (RS Agarwal)
ScienceLearning Science 2.0
Social StudiesGeography - The Earth: Our Habitat
Social StudiesHistory - Our Pasts-I
Social StudiesCivics - Social And Political life - I
ICTComputer A Wonder Machine
EnglishThe English Advantage
Hindi ( 2nd Language)Reader - Vasanth Bhaag 1
Hindi ( 2nd Language)NDL BalRam Katha
Hindi ( 2nd Language)Hindi Vyakaran thatha rachana - 6 (with a CD)
French (3rd Language)Petits Pas 2 Writer - Preeti bhutani
Notebooks14 Single rule book 200 pages
Notebooks1 Record Book 100 pages
Notebooks1 Graph book (long) 40 pages
Notebooks1 Broad ruled 192 Pages
Notebooks1 Art Drawing book - 30 pgs
Maps1 Booklet of maps( India Political outline)-20 Maps
All1 Almanac
All1 ID Card
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