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CWS Rudrapur Grade 8 (2nd Lang. Hindi) (3rd Lang. French)

Grade 8 (2nd Lang. Hindi) (3rd Lang. French) Book Set Details
Size Guide
EnglishNew Celebrations Bk 8
EnglishNew Mastering Grammar Bk 8
GroomingGrooming Book Part 8, A & B
MathsMaths text (RS Agarwal)
ScienceLearning Science 2.0
Social ScienceGeography: Resources and Development
Social ScienceHistory: Our Pasts - Part III
Social ScienceCivics: Social and Political Life - III
ICTComputer A Wonder Machine book 8
EnglishThe English Advantage
Hindi ( 2nd Language)II Lang.Hindi Reader - Vasant Bhag 3
Hindi ( 2nd Language)II Lang. Bharath ki Khoj - NDL
Hindi ( 2nd Language)Hindi Vyakaran thatha rachana Cl 8
French (3rd Language)Petits Pas 3 Writer - Preeti bhutani
Notebooks14 Single rule 200 Pages
Notebooks1 Record book 100 pages
Notebooks4 Single ruled book 120 pages
Notebooks1 Long Graph Book 72 pages
Maps1 Booklet of Maps (India political outline)-20 Maps
All1 Almanac
All1 ID Card
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